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Going to Zurich Writer's Workshop

I haven't posted in a while because I have been working on a memoir and on homework for a writer's workshop in Zurich this weekend. There, I hope to meet other European-based writers, with whom I can exchange notes and receive some useful critiques. Plus I'm looking forward to learning something. Working on a memoir is not easy coming from a newspaper background. I'm used to writing about zoning laws and neighborhood squabbles, not about personal disasters.

As I write, I realize that I'm late with preparing that hot lunch. My two children, their two friends, and my boyfriend are expecting a hot meal in less than an hour. I better get to it.

Priorities in school

While rain drops splatter and thunder growls in the distance, I slug one cup of coffee after another trying to distract myself with writing. But I just can't concentrate. I think about my daughter and her class, as they bicycle in this horrible weather. I worry about her having a breathing problem due to her asthma. Like any worry-wart parent, I worry that she will fail to pay attention and crash into a moving car or truck.

I am also quite angry about this, as I believe school is for academics and not for riding bikes. Okay... they are going to a special training with the local police, who are going to teach the children the rules of the road and safety information.

On the one hand, I agree that they are learning valuable information. On the other, I think that this kind of learning should be done during sports, and not during math or German class.

It seems that my daughter's school is constantly distracting its students from studies. Last week after school, the kids were requ…