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Too black and white

Call me apathetic, but I'm not getting out of bed this morning to vote.

I just don't like the initiative.

Although, I agree that the Swiss should get tougher on crime, the SVP's black sheep campaign is too xenophobic and radical. I just can't put a child rapist/killer and a petty thief in the same category.

Furthermore, I have a problem with the idea of deporting second generation petty thieves. The counter initiative is too weak and won't accomplish anything. So what's the point of voting if I don't like either proposal?

I asked my 11-daughter this morning what she thinks. By the way, I find it strange that this issue has not been discussed in her school and not even in her "Media" class.

"If they do something bad once, give them a warning and make them pay," she said. "If they break the law again, make them leave."

"Even child rapist-killers?" I asked her.

"Oh, no! They have to leave right away!"

She make…

Staying positive is key

When I first moved to the Swiss Alps back in 2002, my city friends told me I was crazy. They said that I was not only limiting myself professionally, but also socially, intellectually, and culturally. I stubbornly told them that living in the mountains, close to nature, and with so many outdoor activities  was healthy for me and my family. I explained that I wanted my children to experience walking to a country farm school every day and growing up without the materialism of the cities. I also wanted my children to get to know their family roots and neighbors. Not to mention, I wanted them to become fluent in German and Swiss German.
I have to admit that there were times since our move, when I joined my city friends in questioning my decision to live in the boonies. Thankfully, those moments of self-doubt were few and far between and only became really apparent during bouts of loneliness.

You see my problem during my first few years in Switzerland was that I lacked friends. It has oft…