Sunday, November 28, 2010

Too black and white

Call me apathetic, but I'm not getting out of bed this morning to vote.  I just don't like the initiative. Although, I agree that the Swiss should get tougher on crime, the SVP's black sheep campaign is too xenophobic and radical. I just can't put a child rapist/killer and a petty thief in the same category. Furthermore, I have a problem with the idea of deporting second generation petty thieves. The counter initiative is too weak and won't accomplish anything. So what's the point of voting if I don't like either proposal?

I asked my 11-daughter this morning what she thinks. By the way, I find it strange that this issue has not been discussed in her school and not even in her "Media" class. Uhm!

"If they do something bad once, give them a warning and make them pay," she said. "If they break the law again, make them leave."

"Even child rapist-killers?" I asked her.

"Oh, no! They have to leave right away!"

She makes a lot of sense. If the SVP initiative passes, I won't be sad.


  1. I agree with what you are saying completely. The SVP are offensive. And I voted against it by voting for the counter initiative. I find they don't talk about political issues in the classroom. My daughter is 13 and not once has something political come up at school. Swiss discretion at work?

  2. Just to add - I noticed in your bar - "Swissification". LOL. Our family version (my husband is Swiss) is to say "get Swiss with it".

  3. I like "get Swiss with it"! Will have to use it too! Thank you for your comments!