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A global warming theory

Thank goodness we had snow during the Christmas holiday. We could ski nearly every day of our two-week break. Since then, the weather has warmed up considerably, to the point that we have been sunbathing in T-shirts in front of the house.

The sun has done wonders for our Vitamin D levels but wrecked havoc on the snow. Grey-green patches are now visible on many a southwest-facing slope. Some mountains have closed their lifts.

With worried frowns on their faces, locals say in hushed voices: "This is April weather. It doesn't look good for the rest of ski season. We need more snow."

With temperatures hovering around 10 C, it's even too warm for snow machines that work best when temperatures stay below -5 C. I don't like snow machines. They are ugly. They use too much electricity and water. Mostly, I don't like them because they are just band-aid solutions to the bigger problem, that the earth is warming up and that we are unwilling to reduce our use of gasoline…