Monday, March 21, 2011

Building terraces in the garden

My garden design and labor, complete with stone steps.
The weather this past month has been so glorious that my stone wall/terrace project took most of my attention.  Finding a balance between outdoor and indoor projects is a challenge living in the Swiss Alps.

As you can see, I am more or less finished and just need to find a few more rocks to cap off the tops.

Next, I will plant some sun loving plants. Any suggestions?


  1. what happened to all the snow?!
    i love the steps/terraces. especially how they fold into the landscape.

  2. WOW! What a weight-lifting project you undertook! It looks fabulous! Some plant suggestions: if you want green, creeping juniper; for color the mix you already have on the terrace by the stream; and of course more roses and berries.

  3. Thank you gderamel and Lisette for the compliments and plant tips.

    To answer your question about the lack of snow, I shoveled it all away! No... just kidding. We didn't have much snow to begin with, and then months of glorious sunshine just wrecked further havoc.