Saturday, October 1, 2011

A land of contrasts

Only in Europe...
In the USA, the eff-word is generally considered obscene and reserved for rated R or PG-13 movies. In Switzerland, where there are rules for everything, none seem to exist to prevent the commercial use of such a word.

And here in the Swiss Alps, the eff-word seems to have passed our local skate park propriety test. We thought the noise emanating form the van's speakers was well paired with the name of the local band "The Fucks." The what? That's right!

Perhaps, we're simply getting outdated... although my children thankfully agreed with me.


  1. I take it you live in Saanenland. So do I. I am not having such an easy time making friends here. You mention a book club. I have heard of this in Chateau D 'Oex and would like to be part of it. Where and when does it meet.

  2. Hi Katryna, sorry to hear about your difficulties making friends in Saanenland. Could you contact me directly using the following link?
    Thank you for reading this blog.