Finding Late Gothic art at the foot of the Alps

Carvings above the entrance to the Münster of Bern, depicting the Last Judgment.
Coming came down from the mountains to get some shopping done in Bern didn't turn out that way. I ended up checking out a few churches and walking through the old town.

If you ever make it to Bern, go to the Münster. It's a large Gothic cathedral in the old town, dating back to 1421. (Interestingly, a small romanesque chapel existed there as early as 1191 during the founding of Bern.)

My legs were too sore from yesterday's training to go up the Münster's tower which is 100 meters tall. Apparently, it's the tallest cathedral in Switzerland. I did, however, enjoy looking at the Last Judgment sculpture above the main portal. As it turns out, it represents one of the most complete Late Gothic sculpture collections in Europe, and it is the only sculpture in Münster to survive the iconoclasm of the Protestant Reformation.  I had never heard of him, but the artist was Erhard Küng from Wesphalia. It totally reminded me of Hieronymous Bosch's "Last Judgement."

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