Post-election thoughts

"Stop mass immigration" - Swiss People's Party poster 
Last week's Swiss parliamentary elections resulted in left and right parties losing votes and seats in the Nationalrat or Lower House. Losing the most votes was the Swiss People's Party (SVP), this country's right wing party best known for spreading xenophobia with its provocative posters. Remember the three white sheep kicking one black one out?

Upon reading the voting results, I sighed in relief for my American half and for my foreign friends. Perhaps, the strong Swiss Franc cannot be blamed entirely for the drop in occupancy rates in area hotels.

I have often thought that Switzerland was a land of contradictions. For example, our municipality nearly always votes SVP. But, I've noticed a rash of rich foreigners buying property in our area. How can a region sell property to foreigners and grant them large tax breaks while voting to stop immigration? Money? No! Duh!

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