On our walk today...

Despite yesterday's blistery north wind, my son Oliver, our dog Bizzi and I managed to go out for a walk.

Five minutes into our stroll, and while passing a farm, Bizzi yelped.

"Bizzi touched the electric cow fence," Oliver said.

I think Bizzi's eyes are going (he's nine years old after all), because on more than three occasions, I've seen him running after what he thought were cats in the fields only to be chased by a growling farm dog, or only to find a spool of electrical wire or a water bucket.

On the downhill part of our adventure, Oliver decided to test the speed of his bike as well as its braking ability. When I finally caught up with him, he showed off a bloodied knee.

Further down the road, the way was corded off. A herd of cows dawdled on their way back to the barn munching on a luxury chalet's hedge. Two neighbors chatted next to their parked cars, while waiting for the road to reopen. The rosy cheeked farmer, an expectant father, smiled and said hello, as he walked by.

Oliver and I played soccer and the ball went into our oil burner repair man's garage and got stuck under his car. Luckily, the oil burner repair man witnessed this and invited us into his garage.

Just an ordinary walk in the Swiss Alps.

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