Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Finding online help with goals

Life became overwhelming. Lacking energy and self love, I was grieving the end of a relationship and dealing with my children's sadness and trying to dig myself out of a hole. After sharing my distress with a karate friend, who lives in New York, she sent me a link to the Desire Map.

Written by Danielle LaPorte, a Canadian author, motivational speaker, blogger and entrepreneur, the Desire Map is a no-nonsense style, direct approach to goal setting. It's all-encompassing. Instead of first focusing on general life areas (like career, financial, home, relationship or health goals), one identifies how one wants to feel in ALL areas of life, including spirituality, creativity, and learning.

The idea is: we are driven by our desire to feel good, and therefore need to focus on those feelings first. Then, comes a brainstorm. What action or goal could bring about those desired feelings?

Often our goals are based on external factors. For example, who hasn't chosen a career to please their parents?  Who hasn't been fooled into thinking that some material purchase would bring about happiness? Or who hasn't thought, "I would be happy if only I had a boyfriend?"

So, in going through the process, I realized that what my cored desired feelings were:



and freedom. 

So now, when I set goals, I ask myself: Would this goal bring about these core desired feelings?

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