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Peeing standing up, flushing and showering after 10PM

In Switzerland, more people live in apartments than houses. According to a Eurostat report, approximately 52% of people live in flats, 25% in detached and semi-detached houses and 2% in "other". I wonder that that other is... tree houses? tents? on the street? I wonder if that 2% has to be considerate of its neighbors.

So for fun, I looked up silly Swiss laws on line. I learned that the ban on flushing the toilet or peeing standing up after 10PM is an urban myth. I also learned that the restriction on bathing after 10PM has loosened and that no one can actually forbid you from taking a shower after that time, but it is recommended that bathing be kept to less than 20 minutes.

Apartments have gotten better insulated which explains the relaxation of this law. A friend, who lives in an old apartment in Lausanne, told me that he can hear his upstairs neighbor's every step. He has asked her to refrain from using her clogs or heels in the night but she refuses to do so.

So, if…

Focusing on things that really matter in politics

One of the reasons I love living in Switzerland is that politics here focus on things that really matter. You rarely hear about the sex life of politicians, their emails, or their emotionally disturbed and racist views. Here, the attention is placed on practical and constructive issues, and citizens get to vote on them.

Take one of the 2012 referendums, for example. It focused on music and youth. How cool is it that 73% of the Swiss voters chose to amend their constitution by including an article to promote music education?

This article encourages the cantonal and federal governments to provide music education, of high quality, at all levels in public schools, to ensure access to music education in specialized music schools for all children, regardless of their social or financial background. The article also ensures the financial and educational support of young talented musicians.

The Swiss get it. They focus on what's good for their country. And an educated youth is good for th…