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Just completed reading your "Life In The Swiss Alps" blog archives.
I discovered your writing in late Spring, reading a couple bits every week - comparable to stretching out reading of a throughly engaging book.
Well done, observant and interesting, through and through.
- Alison C.

Hi Diana just wanted to say your posts are inspiring,I look forward everytime I see "Life In The Swiss Alps" when I open my email. 
- Terry

I stumbled upon your blog. I found it very interesting. I have always been drawn to Switzerland. I thought I would eventually live there. But to date my path has taken another direction. I would enjoy a correspondence with you. It may provide the energy to move. I see my own life and the lives of others in terms of rhythm, pattern and flow. All three aspects of RPF are necessary for a healthy and evolving life. 

I am really fascinated by the Swiss Alps, although I've never been there. I used to watch a show called "Heidi: The Girl Of The Alps" when I was little. I am a student in Chennai, India, and for some reason I wondered how it would be to live in the Alps. I've just started to read your blog, and I have to say that I love it. I'm in envy, really.
Hope all is well in the Alps :)
- Gayathri. (Spelled: Gah-yuh-three) (it's a tough name I admit)

Just wanted to say hi, I recently found your blog and while it doesn't look like you post too often these days, I still like what you've written and the photography is beautiful. I'm married to a Swiss and lived there when we first met. We're back in the states now but we're trying to keep Swiss traditions (and the language) alive here. I miss a lot of things (and some not at all!!!) about living there so it's nice to be able to read what other people are experiencing. Are you planning on staying there indefinitely? Part of me wants to move back and other parts not, I feel like you always miss something, no matter where you are.


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