Grabbing two hours on a Saturday morning

Last Saturday, after getting up at around 7:30, I ventured outside wearing my IceBugs (running shoes with metal spikes) and jogged 25 minutes with the dog. The sun reflected on the high peaks, and the air felt significantly warmer than it did yesterday, when temps were -18C.

On the road lay a carpet of fresh powder snow, disturbed by a set of tire tracks. While jogging, I was awed at seeing the outlines of a multitude of snow laden pine trees. How distinct each tree appeared!

After a shower and bringing the kids to ski race training, I met friends who live on a sunny, southeastern facing slope. The mood was jovial and there was even a snow ball fight and wrestle to start the day.

The group split up. Most were snowboarders, who went off into the forests to find some jumps and trees to scare, while my new friend Barry and I enjoyed the near-empty and buttery pistes. I practiced some newly-learned carving techniques, and as a stratus layer began to spread in from the west, covering up the cerulean sky, I thanked providence and the privilege of grabbing those two hours of pure bliss.

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